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Plantar warts are small lesions on the feet caused by a common virus. If you or your child has plantar warts, visit a Capital Foot & Ankle office in Sacramento, Roseville, or Folsom, California. Their knowledgeable foot doctors provide fast, effective treatment to get rid of plantar warts. Call Capital Foot & Ankle today or book an appointment online for no-fuss plantar wart treatment.

Warts Q&A

What are warts?

Warts are abnormal, often unsightly, growths. They’re usually small and hard, often discolored, but rarely painful.

You can get warts in many places on your body. They often develop following infection with a virus like the human papillomavirus (HPV). Some HPV viruses cause warts on your hands, genitals, or other areas. Plantar warts (also called verrucas) show up on the feet.

A plantar wart appears to be a tiny callus (area of hardened skin) with a black dot in the middle. The dot is a speck of dried blood. These warts generally develop on the soles of your feet and the toes. They often cause few or no symptoms but can be uncomfortable when standing or walking, especially if they’re on pressure-sensitive areas like the balls of your feet.

Even mild discomfort from plantar warts can affect how you walk, causing joint or back pain.

How would I get plantar warts?

The HPV virus that causes plantar warts is widespread. The most likely way to get infected is to go barefoot in a public or shared locker room or swimming pool. Wearing someone else’s shoes or sharing towels when drying your feet can also transmit the virus.

Sometimes, the immune system destroys the virus before warts develop, so you might have it and be unaware.

The best way to prevent plantar warts on your feet is to practice good foot hygiene, including:

  • Covering your feet in changing rooms
  • Avoiding touching your or another’s warts
  • Washing and drying your feet properly daily
  • Changing your socks and shoes daily

Children are particularly prone to getting plantar warts, so you should check their feet regularly for signs of infection.

How are plantar warts treated?

Plantar warts can eventually disappear without treatment, but you should visit Capital Foot & Ankle for faster results. Their experienced foot doctors offer several treatments that get rid of warts, including:

  • Wart removal liquid
  • Acid treatments
  • Laser therapy
  • Cryotherapy (freezing)

Rarely, patients might benefit from surgery to remove troublesome plantar warts. This is an outpatient procedure performed under a local anesthetic.

Call Capital Foot & Ankle today or book an appointment online if you or your child needs help removing plantar warts.